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Toko Bussan Trading Co., Ltd.

12F-B New Hualian East Bldg.,
755 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai, China
Tel:021-6472-5999 Fax:021-6471-3114

Beijing Branch
#505 Changfugong Office Bldg.,
Jia 26 Jianguomen Wai St., Beijing, China
Tel:010-6513-9223 Fax:010-6513-9224

Dalian Branch
#805, Dalian Civil Aviation Hotel,
143 Zhongshan Xigang District, Dalian, China
Tel:0411-8230-7620/7845 Fax:0411-8230-4861

Nanjing Branch
#719, Nanjing Grand Hotel,
208 Guangzhou Road, Nanjing, China
Tel:025-8331-8930/8809/9199 Fax:025-8331-8905

Chongqing Branch
#715 Block B Hejing Bldg., 108 Minzu Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China
Tel:023-8987-1022 Fax:023-8987-1033

<Business Outline>

Since China joined the WTO in January 2002, deregulations of the economic activities of foreign capitals have gradually been carried out in China. With an amendment of the law in April 2004, the restrictions held on foreign owned wholesale businesses within China and overseas trading companies were again substantially eased.
Taking this opportunity, Toko Bussan Trading Co., Ltd. was established by a 100 percent investment of TOMARIN with a capital of 6 million dollars in August 2005 in Shanghai as a specialized trading company covering overseas trade, wholesale business within China, and domestic and international logistics.
Also, in order to enhance our business activities in China and improve the service to our customers, we opened branches in Dalian and Nanjing in January 2009 and in Chongqing in April 2010.
We give full play to our abilities with our 60 years of experience as an expert of trade with China and the expertise accumulated by trading of fiber materials for industrial use, apparel, various chemicals, and machinery metals products, etc. Based upon the abilities above, we provide chemicals, plastics, rubber, fiber products, machinery, metals, minerals, foods, building materials, and various services to domestic and foreign companies in China and we also export Chinese products to overseas companies.
As for the industrial materials related business, we are strongly supported by our customers because of our excellent quality and delivery control in regards to the local procurement of raw materials for foreign car parts related makers and various industrial materials related makers in China.
In addition, we are active in exporting fiber products for apparel to foreign makers as well as supplying high-quality and fashionable materials to manufacturing factories in China owned by TOMARIN.

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Guangzhou Toko Bussan Trading Co., Ltd.

#1811 Goldlion Digital Net Work Center, 138 Tiyu Road, East, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel:020-3878-0818 Fax:020-3878-0918

<Business Outline>

The company formerly pursued the business of the domestic wholesale in China and foreign trade as a branch of Toko Bussan Trading Co.,Ltd.. To acquire the right of foreign trade and extend the trading business in China and the Southeast Asian region, it was established as a sub-subsidiary company in July 2010 with a capital of 6 million RMB which was totally invested by Toko Bussan Trade Co.,Ltd..
We will continue improving our customer service and aim for further development of trade business hereafter.   
The address and the telephone number are remained the same as before. Its business has already started in Oct. 2010.

Shanghai Toko Bussan Co., Ltd.

#367 Xinmao Bldg., 2 Taizhong South Road,
Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China
Contact: Shanghai Toko Bussan Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Branch
12F-B Shanghai New Hualian East Bldg.,
755 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai, China

<Business Outline>

Shanghai Toko Bussan Co., Ltd was established in June 1995 in Free Trade Zone, Shanghai by a 100 percent investment of TOMARIN with a capital of 200 thousand dollars as a trading company specializing mainly in foreign trade, transit trade, and trade in the bonded district.
Our activities are small-lot, short-notice sales of imports in the bonded district to the users outside the district in the system of bonded stocks and dealings in the district to meet the strong demands from the triangular trade field utilizing the bonded district and companies outside the district.

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Toko Textile Garments (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.

169 Furong Zhong 1 Road,
Xishan Economic Development Zone,
Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

<Business Outline>

On December 2008, our Garments Department consolidated our two factories, Wuxi Donglian Garments Co., LTD. and Toko Textile Garments (Wuxi) Co., LTD., run at Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province (Capital of 6.62 million dollars, of which TOMARIN Corp. invested 97.5%). The purpose of the consolidation is to combine the human resources and equipments of Wuxi Donglian with plenty of space that makes it possible to arrange Toko Textile Germants (Wuxi) Co.,LTD. in a rational layout, and to reform the management system.
After the consolidation, our new factory has about 350 employees. In addition to the traditional products of casual shirts and formal shirts, we also provide outer wears such as blousons as a new item. Its annual production capacity is 1.2 million. Moreover, we have arranged the system than can respond to the business requirements of small lots, variety of products and short delivery.
We will keep on making progress for building a new type of factory at the coastal area of China whose economical environment is quite changeable.

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Tianjin Grand Rich Da Automobile Sale Co., Ltd.

Dealer Name: Dongfeng Nissan Binhai Outlet
1470 Henan Road, Tanggu
District, Tianjin Binhai New
Coastal Area, China

Dealer Name: Dongfeng Nissan Binhai Outlet Dagang Branch
181-1 Shiji Road, Dagang District,
Tianjin, China

<Business Outline>

Tianjin Grand Rich Da Automobile Sale Co., Ltd was established jointly with Guangzhou City Panyu Gold Crown Automobile Co., Ltd., a long-term customer of Nissan vehicles, by a 50 percent investment of TOMARIN with a capital of 20 million yuan in Tianjin. In December 2006, we acquired exclusive sales rights from Dongfeng Nissan for Tianjin Binhai New Coastal Area in and opened the outlet in Tanggu District in January 2007. Our outlet is the largest among all Dongfeng outlets in China with a total site area of 12,000u, and a building area of 6,000u complying with an A class standard stipulated by Dongfeng Nissan. This outlet displays and sells all the models of Nissan vehicles made by Donfeng Nissan such as TEANA, TIIDA, BLUE BIRD, etc. We also own a service station and warehouse for repair spare parts where we provide overall services to satisfy our customers in the region with fully equipped after-sales assistance. We are also planning to open branches in other major districts in the Area in order to achieve sales of more than 1,000 Dongfeng Nissan vehicles, precisely responding to the growing needs in the rapidly developing Tianjin Binhai New Coastal Area. As part of the outlet network expansion, we opened branch in Dagang District in December 2008.
This was our first participation with the capital of TOMARIN Group in the Chinese car dealing industry. We are now committed to the development of Tianjin Binhai New Coastal Area, aiming to be a superior dealer in China meeting the expectations of Nissan Motors and Dongfeng Nissan based upon our 30 years of experience as a representative of Nissan Motors for the export to China.

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TOMARIN (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

7th Floor, Boonmitr Bldg., 138 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

<Business Outline>

With Japanese carmakers moving into foreign markets, the demand for local procurement of various car materials is growing rapidly and also bringing many Japanese car materials makers into the same markets. To meet the needs of the local procurement of raw materials mentioned above, TOMARIN (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established jointly with a local company with a 49 percent investment of TOMARIN of a total capital 3 million THB in Bangkok, Thai in May 2002 as a specialized trading company to supply car materials makers with fiber materials for rubber products.
Our business covers supplying fiber materials for car parts, fiber materials for rubber products, and other fiber materials and also deals with the domestic and international trade of chemicals, etc.

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TOMARIN Fibertec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Pinthong Industrial Estate 789/99 Moo 1 Nong-Kham
Subdistrict, Sriracha District, Chonburi 20230 THAILAND

<Business Outline>

After the establishment of TOMARIN Thailand Co., Ltd, to meet the needs from car parts makers, TOMARIN Fibertec (Thailand) Co., Ltd, was established as a processing factory of fiber materials for car parts by a 100 percent investment of TOMARIN with a capital of 100 million THB in Pinthong Industrial Estate in Chonburi, Thailand in January 2003.
Our main activities are, cutting the fabric for airbags, the second processing of cord for rubber hose for cars and sewing thread for industrial use.

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TOMARIN Corporation

190 Moore St. Suite 205 Hackensack, NJ 07601 U.S.A.

<Business Outline>

TOMARIN Corporation was established with a 100 percent investment of TOMARIN with a capital of 50 thousand dollars in New Jersey, USA in May 2006 as a specialized Kanban system trading company to provide rapid, on time, low cost, and stable service in supplying mainly Japanese fiber products for rubber materials to the Japanese car parts makers in the United States.
Following the embarkation of many Japanese car parts makers to the United States, we are providing various services for those Japanese makers.
In addition, we aim to expand our business, in ways such as supplying fiber materials to Japanese rubber related makers in addition to car parts makers in the U.S., dealing with imports and sales of Chinese apparel materials and products to the apparel industry in the U.S.

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